Unique Architectural Structures Of The Decade: Top 3

Published on 11/04/2021

When it comes to architecture, we see an increasing trend of unique designs that offer quite an appealing look and have a separate presence in the city’s skyline. If we were to discuss the striking design language used earlier, it was to build tall buildings. However, it has changed now, and the aspect that is given the most important in today’s times is to create an environment-friendly structure. The builders are also focusing on the affordability that is getting out of hand in today’s time in the urban setting. The architects are also improving quite a lot and are opting for eco-friendly measures. Among various countries, UAE has been the place where we have seen some severe architects along with America and China. A few cities in these countries have seen some significant developments and a few of them that we believe checked all the points of being unique and impressive structures. We are going to list them down here so you can understand the marvel of modern architecture. However, you will have to visit them to experience the ambiance truly.

Unique Architectural Structures.jpg

Unique Architectural Structures

Opus – Dubai, UAE

If you don’t already know, the past 20 years have played a crucial role in Dubai’s development, and architects have implied several wildest designs. Zaha Hadid has some of the most astonishing architecture under her name, and even after her death, the company still has her name, Zaha Hadid Architects. The company will soon finish one of the unique designs, and it will surely turn heads. The building is dubbed as The Opus. It will boast 56,000 ft2, a hotel, and a total of 12 restaurants, along with a rooftop bar.

UNIC – Paris

If you want to witness classic architecture, Paris is the city you need to visit. MAD Architect has built a marvelous UNIC tower that will be a residential building inside Martin Luther King Park. The design language opted by the Chinese Architect Ma Yansong is a step towards creating a mix of modern design and nature. The tower will have a total of 13 stories, and the residents of the top floor will have a crystal clear view of the city’s landmark Eiffel Tower. The tower will be in direct touch with the bus and metro service. The building is the debut structure by any Chinese firm in Europe.

Unic Paris

Unic Paris

Central Park Tower – NYC, USA

If it comes to building a sky-crapper in New York City, you must know that it carries a huge responsibility, and the task is much more complex when compared to any other city. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill also faced severe challenges while planning and designing the Central Park Tower. The city has a unique history with the architecture, and the amount of traffic that the city registers are the primary factors while facing a list of other challenges. It will be more than 1,500-feet tall and boast of being the second tallest building in the western hemisphere. Also, it will be the 15th tallest in the world. The firm has other big names in its portfolio, such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower. There will be 179 luxury residential apartments, and the bottom seven floors will be for Nordstrom’s flagship store. Apart from these, some buildings are worth mentioning. M+ Museum in Hong Kong was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and has become one of the most iconic architectures. The Courtyard Kindergarten in China is the perfect blend of old and new you can witness in architecture. The firm has done a few refined renovations where it has also wholly preserved the original courtyard of 1725.