How To Convert A Container Into A House In Under 30 Days?

Published on 11/17/2020

The transformation of shipping containers into homes has become one of the most sustainable and affordable architectural revolutions in modern times. Countless people have abandoned traditional housing to embrace this phenomenal fad in the future of environmentally friendly homes.
If you would like to even consider taking the leap, you should know that a container home can be erected in under a month’s time. Let’s look at the most important steps to consider before you move into your shipping container mansion!

How To Convert A Container Into A House In Under 30 Days

How To Convert A Container Into A House In Under 30 Days

The Diverse World Of Containers

Most people, when thinking of containers, will imagine a standard rectangular cube-shaped object. Incredibly, there are quite a few types of shipping container medols beyond just the regular kind.
You will have to carefully consider what kind of containers you will be purchasing and then assembling for your new home. You could end up with a jarring set of irregularities, and each type of container has its own benefits and negative aspects. Make sure to contact the appropriate container manufacturer and become something of an expert on their design.

Keeping The Place Warm

Of course, a large metal crate is not going to be very warm to live in without the proper insulation being installed. Beyond insulation, you will need some world-class glazing done too. All this is to make sure that you can happily live inside an otherwise frigid abode.

Keeping The Place Warm

Keeping The Place Warm

Being Contained By The Law

One of the big potential barriers to constructing a shipping container home is your country or state’s construction laws and regulations. Remember that there are some hoops you may need to jump through before your local government or municipality will give you the green light.

Seeing A Plan Through

Plenty of construction processes have been delayed or even derailed by clients or designers who failed to agree on a singular plan. Don’t let your container home become a half-built, mournful looking site and make sure that all the key members involved in the process are on the same page before the first brick is laid.
Keep in mind that shipping containers are far less customizable than brick walls, for example, so please ensure that you and your co-builders have arrived to the ideal design and implementation before the project lifts off.

Know Your Materials Well

This might sound like common sense, too many people will simply order a collection of containers online without taking the time to inspect them firsthand before confirming their order. It is vital that you take a walk through the containers you are interested and make sure that they are sturdy and in good shape.

Look Out For One-Trip Containers

While some shipping container home builders do not mind living in ones which have been around the world several times, you do want to look out for good deals on “one-trip” containers. These shipping containers have only ever gone on literally one trip, meaning that you can be quite certain that they will be in good condition.