Why Successful Renovation Doesn’t Mean Reinventing

Published on 06/22/2020

People often conflate renovation with reinvention. While it can be difficult to separate both concepts when working on our home on a large scale, it must be understood that a renovation can be as simple as improving some lacking areas in your home, and not breaking them down completely.
There are plenty of ways to get a renovation job done happily and unobtrusively, but you have to make sure that you think it all through carefully, or you could end up causing more damage than upgrades.

Why Successful Renovation Doesnt Mean Reinventing

Why Successful Renovation Doesnt Mean Reinventing

Knowing Where To Stop

When beginning a renovation job, there will be various walls which you must consider, beyond the physical ones. Is your job within your budget? Do you own the property, or would your objectives have to be run past a landlord first? It’s essential that your vision is well outlined in a sensible and feasible manner.

Defining Your Vision and Gather Inspiration

You don’t need to be on par with an interior designer to justify a revamping, but you should research the modern design trends which fit into the rest of your home’s design. Make sure that you sort the various looks and styles into things that you love and things that should rather stay out of your home.
Try to imagine how other people would react when entering your upgraded home. Also, do you want your home to look cozier and more classical, or do you want to nudge it towards an edgier or more industrial feel?
Once you have the vision worked out, it’s time to hammer it into something practical.

Defining Your Vision And Gather Inspiration

Defining Your Vision And Gather Inspiration

Your Vision Off Paper

Any design vision or plan can look amazing on paper, but you must make sure that it will actually work as a practical and spatially defined place. This can best be done by drawing up a floor plan and then conceptualizing how moving through, working in, and just relaxing in such spaces would work.
Once you have considered what will be a healthy addition to your space, you can take an even more focused approach toward planning.

Follow Trends By Looking At Pictures

Take photographs of your rooms and inspect them closely. If you are good with graphic design software or know someone who is, you might want to consider graphically changing up your rooms according to your proposed designs.
Take a look at which colors, décor types, furniture, and lighting installations go with your new room. You might find that a scheme which seemed amazing in your head actually doesn’t appear that pleasant with a nifty digital simulation.
Whatever you end up deciding upon at this stage, make sure that you start off small with your actual renovating.

Humble Beginnings

If you plan on doing a widespread renovation, you might want to consider adding in or editing a small number of surfaces or fixtures within your room before going full steam ahead with the whole project.
Try living in your small touches for a while, and if they work for you, then proceed with the whole plan!