All You Need To Know Before Hosting Your Next Wine & Cheese Night

Published on 03/03/2020

Hosting a party is a great feeling because you get to connect with friends and family, chill, relax, and unwind from the many stresses of life. However, if you are the host, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you want to get everything right and desire for your guests to have the best experience. One such party is a wine and cheese affair that you have to coordinate and make sure all is well. When you are hosting a wine and cheese event, it can be a little bit different from the customary party you usually host. It can take much, but with some guidance, you can get it right the next time. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your next exclusive night…

All You Need To Know Before Hosting Your Next Wine and Cheese Night

All You Need To Know Before Hosting Your Next Wine and Cheese Night


Choose Firm Cheese from Mellow to Stink

It does not make sense to have a unique selection of cheese when hosting a party, and as such, you have to be diverse in your choices. Ensure you have a wide range of cheese your party guests can choose from. Of course, not everyone decides to go for fresh cheese at all times, nor does everyone prefer stale cheese. Either way, cater to everyone so no one will feel left out of the party.

Have a Proper Wooden/Marvel Plater and Set of Cheese Knives

Whichever way you plan to place the cheese (in large portion on the dining table or in smaller pieces across different rooms), you want to ensure you have a different cheese knife for each selection. You don’t want to have a mix of flavors or cause a conflict for those who don’t eat a particular cheese that the knife had cut. If you are unable to get designated cheese knives, you can use a set of butter knives or pairing knives.

Name All Cheese for Your Guests

You don’t want your guests to be repeating a cheese selection, so putting a name tag along with having name cards will help them to keep track of all they eat. Also, it allows them to take notes about flavors and tastes as they go along. A lot of cheese does have similar looks and features, and some persons may not like a select type, so creating a differential tag will go a far way.

Have Red & White Wine but Serve it Accordingly

When hosting a wine party, you should have a white selection of white and red wine for your guests to choose from. With this, you may need to add at least 2-3 glasses per guest so they can select their wine according to their taste and favorite.

Have Red and White Wine but Serve it Accordingly

Have Red and White Wine but Serve it Accordingly

Serve the Red Wine at Room Temperature and Chill the White Wine

Red wine tastes best when served at room temperature. To make it the best, you can chill it, then at least an hour before the first guest starts arriving, you remove it from the fridge. For the white wine choices, you should keep them chilled, so removing them from the refrigerator, could see you adding them to a pale of ice.

Serve Veggies & Fruits along with Artisan Bread

You can complement each wine and cheese selection with fruits and vegetables as well as with crackers and artisan bread. Help bring out the flavor in each cheese choice by pairing it with your favorite sides – it creates magic.

If You Have Vegan Friends- Make Sure You Have Vegan Nut-cheese

You will have a mixed multitude at your party to include a few vegan friends, and you don’t want them to be left out. As such, adding a few vegan choices like nut cheese will be a great idea.