Things You Can Do To Make Your Houses Cooler This Summer

Published on 06/26/2020

Summer is the time of the year when you want to cool off the beach. But if you prefer to stay at home, you might be looking for ways to keep your house cool during the summer. If you live in a humid area and your sweat evaporates slower, try wearing loose cotton and other natural fabrics to help you cool down. Lowering the humidity in your house will also help you feel cooler.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Houses Cooler This Summer

Things You Can Do To Make Your Houses Cooler This Summer

Reduce and Reflect Sunlight

Direct sunlight coming into your home can lead to an increase in temperature. You can make your home a little cooler by placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels. This will help keep the sun out of windows. Keeping direct sunlight away from your room will contribute to reducing the warmth in your space.

Reduce And Reflect Sunlight

Reduce And Reflect Sunlight

Switch Off Lights When Not In Use

Light bulbs generate heat which can add to warm temperature in your house. If you are still using incandescent bulbs and can’t replace them. The least you can do is minimize usage. You can invest on solar panels to help minimize the cost of electricity.

Use Your Doors Wisely

If your room is cooler than the temperature outside, close the door. It will help keep the temperature inside your rooms for as long as possible even in the warmest part of the day.

Don’t Cook Inside

Your kitchen creates and retains heat when you are cooking. The best thing you can do is cook during the coolest time of the day. You can also do your cooking in your backyard.

Put Smooth White Fabric Covers On Furnitures

Putting white fabric covers on the furniture will help with heat reduction. They will also reflect the light. There is also a belief that white fabric can reduce heat absorption. Your furniture, as well as the interior of the house, will stay cooler.

Open Windows At Both Ends Of The House

Open windows at both ends of the house will allow air to flow freely throughout the whole house. This process is known as cross ventilation and will help reduce the temperature in your home.

Set Ceiling Fans To Rotate Counter-Clockwise

Having the ceiling fan move on a counter-clockwise rotation will help move warm air away from your room. This will make you feel cooler. Reversing the rotation of the blades will push the warm temperature to the ceiling instead of blowing it to your direction.

Point Box Fans Out The Windows

Just like the ceiling fans, pointing box fans out the windows will push the hot air out. This is one thing that you may not have realized yet. Sometimes it is better to use fans for exhaust instead of creating an artificial breeze.

Unplug Appliances or Electronics

In this age when we utilize electronic products, generating heat is a normal process. If you have kids or teens playing with their Xbox on large flat-screen televisions the whole day, it may be a wise thing to minimize the time they will play with their Xbox. Pull out plugs if they are not using their gadgets. The lesser heat is produced, the cooler will be the temperature in your house. These days, the temperature is even hotter than before whether you are indoors or outdoors. With these tips, you can at least make the temperature in your house cooler.