Top 3 Beach Resorts In The World

Published on 05/19/2019

For many, the thought of a relaxing well-deserved vacation is almost instantly related to sandy shores, an enchanting ocean view, and the warm summer sun. Even though there are tons of other places to spend a vacation, visiting the beach and soaking up the sun seems to be, by far, the most popular option for travelers around the world. If you are planning a peaceful vacation, here are the top 3 beach resorts in the world.

Elounda – One of The Top 3 Beach Resorts In The World


1. Elounda

This popular beach is located in Europe on the island of Crete in Greece and it is known for its perfectly breath-taking beach beauty. This magnificent destination is considered an extremely luxurious get-away spot in the Mediterranean as a result of the significantly high concentration of luxury hotels and beach resorts. On the beach of Elounda, exotic resorts that exhibit Greek hospitality and serve some of the most decadent Greek cuisines. The exotic resorts found here are surrounded by lush green forests and an amazing ocean view. Even though this beach is considered somewhat secluded, most resorts provide luxurious amenities and desirable services. There are so many reasons why Elounda is a top-rated beach that you should definitely consider for a peaceful and enchanting Greek-style vacation.

2. Splendido

Splendido is a budding tourist destination that is located in Italy. While the impressively unique scenery is simply a must-see, the main highlight of a vacation in Splendido is undeniably the exciting nightlife. There are also tons of activities available when visiting Splendido, such as water skiing and motorboat racing, to mention just a couple, that will ensure your vacation is anything other than ordinary. There is so much to do when visiting the beaches of Splendido other than simply soaking up the welcoming sun and aside from the fantastic activities, there is also plenty to see. One of the most popular tourist attractions here is the Baska Aquarium, located in the cities center.

3. Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island, located in the United States, is another great destination for a relaxing vacation by the beach. When visiting Little Palm Islands, you can enjoy the thrills of sailing, enjoy a day of fishing, and you can also take advantage of the calming and luxurious spa services provided by hotels and resorts that are located here. Little Palm Island Resort and Spa, an amazing luxury resort, can be found on this beach.

Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island

Ensuring You Next Beach Resort Vacation Is Perfect

If you are considering your next vacation should be spent enjoying the wonders of the ocean, then deciding on the most suitable beach is vital. This is because different beaches around the world will all offer tourists different activities, scenery, and weather conditions. Once you have settled on the perfect location, planning what to pack is another key element that will prevent you from having a miserable time suffering from sunburn, bug bites, and simply not enough to wear. Be sure to take time in planning what to back by making a list of essential items that you will need on your vacation, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and enough outfits.